Going to South Korea, BRB.

Hello, blogging world; I’m back! After the strong cult following that I gained with my Paris blog last spring (thanks, family), I have returned to document my year teaching English in Busan, South Korea.

Here’s some background: Alex and I have been applying to teach English abroad for the past few months. The countries that we looked into ranged from Peru to Japan to Saudi Arabia (eek), until we finally landed on Korea. After working with a couple of different recruiters, we finally found one that was pleasant, helpful and easy to work with. They sent our information to schools looking for teachers, and the school then decided if they wanted to interview with us. We were lucky enough finally to find a school that had two openings in the beginning of March, and this is where we are headed now.

(In the interest of keeping this post light ‘n fun, I won’t get into the bureaucratic nightmare that is visa application process. Suffice to say we’ve been working hard for the past couple months to get all of the necessary paperwork together.)

We fly out from JFK at 1:00 pm on Friday afternoon, and arrive in Busan at 9:25 Saturday night. One of our recruiters picks us up from the airport and brings us to our apartments. There is a one day orientation on Sunday, and we start teaching on Monday. Yeah. My head is spinning a little bit thinking about all of that, but one step at a time, right? We’ll be working from 9:30-7:10 every day (a slightly longer work day than many schools, but a slightly higher salary to match), teaching three 40-minute sessions in the morning and two sessions in the afternoon/evening. That’s really all of the information we’ve been given so far, so my second post should be markedly more interesting.

See you on the other side!


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