We’re Here!

First off, after a looooooooong plane ride, significant luggage lugging between three different airports (thanks to my super strong boyfriend and some very helpful Koreans), one short plane ride and a taxi, we have arrived. We got in last night around 10:00pm local time, and basically crashed right away. I don’t have heat/hot water in my apartment yet, but as luck would have it, Alex and I are next door neighbors! It’s good to know people.

Today we did a little exploring of our surrounding area. One of the happiest things I’ve learned is that we live above an organic coffee shop/secondhand bookstore! If any of you know me (I’ll assume you do), you know that this is very good news. We poked into a few grocery stores/markets to get a handle on prices of things. Fruits and vegetables seem comparably to reasonably priced (large bunch of 8 bananas: about $3.00; package of eggplant: about $1.50). This was also good news!

The first (and only) thing that I’ve eaten in Korea: A strange sweet/savory pastry of sweet potatoes, onions and peppers, and a cafe latte. The pastry came from the only bakery that was open when we were out and about, but there is no shortage of them in the area. Alex got what he thought was a plain roll, but it was actually filled with chestnut jam. A happy reminder of Paris, in which I gobbled chestnut jam by the jar.

Our director is going to pick us up for orientation in a couple hours, and hopefully we’ll have a better idea of our job description after that. It was nice to have the morning to ourselves to get settled and explore, though.

That’s all for now- I’m hoping to have Internet by my next post (currently leeching off my good neighbor). Later!


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