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Not everyone who reads my blog has Facebook, so I thought I would do a picture post. I also have a couple videos of the plays that two of my classes performed this week. I don’t really want to go around posting links to children all over the Internet, but I’ve made a unlisted Youtube channel that I’m in the process of uploading the videos to. If you’d like the links, email me and let me know. If you feel so inclined, you can also see the silly video of my apartment that I made for my mom.

My week in photos:


Korean BBQ



A walk on the beach last weekend


The view of Haeundai Beach from the some guy’s apartment who we bought furniture from last weekend. A little better than the one from my balcony.


It was Ashley’s birthday on Thursday, which can only mean one thing: cake with chopsticks in a paper cup.


Part I of yesterday’s lunch…


And Part II. Open-faced chicken sandwich topped with slaw and yellow pepper. All of this at…


This place is going to be very dangerous for my wallet. It’s right off of our beach, very close to work and open until 9 every night. Oh and I want everything on the menu. Next time I may have to try the Sausage Corn Crepe that looked amazinggg.

As far as weekend plans go, Rachel will be arriving very shortly. I’m not exactly sure what we’ll be doing but I’m excited to have her here. This morning was mostly spent cleaning my apartment and getting my gel manicure off (which cost me about $20, but was essentially a manicure without polish so it made it semi-worth it).

I’ll finish with a random, funny story from one of my classes the other day: In my speaking class on Wednesday, I asked them to write a speech about a special event. We were naming different kinds of special events, and Simon (one of my favorites) said slumber parties. Later in class, I went to check on his speech. He had written that he wanted to dance and have a slumber party with the president of Brazil. I was very confused, and so was he when I asked why he wanted to dance with the president of Brazil at a slumber party. Because he had actually meant “samba” party, which explained a lot.

I’ll be back again soon, hopefully with a more organized thought process. Happy weekend, all!


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