My Week in Review

Several things have made this week pretty amazing:

1) The arrival of not one, but two care packages from my wonderful mother, filled with peanut butter, granola, chocolate and perhaps most excitingly, a mattress pad!! My freshly washed sheets are currently drying and I hope to be sleeping like a baby on my new bed by tonight. 

2) A field trip with school yesterday. We went to a science museum (where they decided to show a bunch of 5-and-6-year-olds a birthing video, for some reason? One girl looked like she was going to pass out), then took a walk to see the cherry blossoms by the beach. It made for a very pleasant, non-teaching morning/early afternoon (even if I was specifically assigned to Space Cadet 1 and Space Cadet 2, aka Brad and Phillip, to make sure neither wandered out into traffic while gazing at the pretty flowers). 

3) A visit from Rachel! The real reason this week was so awesome.

She arrived from Beijing last Saturday (and was from here on out known as “Tara’s friend from China”), and we headed down to the beach to celebrate Ashley and Rachel’s birthdays. It was a little chilly, but nice and relaxing.



On Sunday, we had quite the busy day. We kicked things off with a trip to the other beach, Haeundae:

ImageThis is the large and touristy beach in Busan, and is where the aquarium is located. Which was our next stop:











I love aquariums, and this one was no exception. My only complaint was that it was all underground, and I do enjoy when aquariums mix indoor and outdoor exhibits. But everything we saw was really cool. I especially enjoyed the terrifying-and-crazily colored eels, and the jellies.

Our next stop on Sunday was Shinsegae at Centum City, the largest department store in the world:

ImageTo say it is friggin’ huge is an understatement. It has 14 levels, not even including the couple below-ground levels. Each brand, instead of having its own section, has it’s own little store. They ranged from Chanel to H&M. There is also an enormous spa, a skating rink, a movie theatre and a movie/dinner theatre. It was impressive, but we mostly just went to have a quick look around.

Oh, and because it’s me and Rachel, you know that this week involved some good eats as well:

ImageOnigiri (rice balls) from the Japanese restaurant that we went to the other night



A couple nights of Korean BBQ

ImageAnother trip to Spoonbread, which I knew Rachel would enjoy- salad, cranberry-walnut bread and grapefruit jam

ImageSausage corn crepe x2

ImageOur delicious (and complimentary) dessert of strawberries, fresh cream and some sort of vegan chocolate delight.

It was great having Rachel here, and was a good excuse to enjoy some new touristy activities and delicious meals out. And now I must sign off to start my Friday. Later!








3 thoughts on “My Week in Review

  1. Tara, how much do you hear about the other Korea? I’ve been thinking of you some this week with all we hear ~ but honestly, mostly wondering how the food part is happening! Sounds like a good week for you. (Terry from the Library)

  2. I need to stop reading your blog at work because I laugh out loud every time hahahahha p.s. i miss you. p.s.s. JEELLLLYYY FIIISHHHH

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