Birthday Eats

First, thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. What better way to tell you about my birthday than to showcase all of the delicious food that I enjoyed yesterday?

My day was off to a great start when I didn’t even have to leave bed to enjoy coffee and breakfast. Alex’s first surprise of the day was breakfast in bed, complete with coffee (necessary) and delicious, cinnamon-y French toast (a nice weekday breakfast surprise). I’ve been petitioning to make coffee-in-bed a daily routine, but I’m not quite sure it will catch on.


Next birthday treat was cake at work. This was both a nice gesture and a glimpse into Korean culture. My boss very nicely bought me a cake, and had all of the teachers sing me happy birthday before we went out to get the kids off the bus. Then, it was done. No one wished me a happy birthday, or anything of the sort (except my fellow foreigners). I didn’t care; it was more just an interesting thing to note. They actually thought that my real birthday was on Monday, and no one said anything to me then either. A work day is a work day, and a birthday isn’t much different. Anyway, here is the cake that I ate out of a Dixie cup with chopsticks, Korean style:


It’s topped with macarons and is from a bakery called Paris Baguette…but let’s not go there.

Here, my birthday lunch:


I was sooo full from lunch (I get curry and I get donkatsu, but never the two of them together), that I couldn’t even eat any of the usual afternoon snacks I get from my kids.

After work, Alex took me out to our favorite Indian restaurant for dinner:


It was pouring rain all day and all night yesterday, but that didn’t stop us from dressing up, braving the elements and getting our fill of delicious curries (chicken badshahi and beef vindaloo), garlic naan and samosas:





A perfect end to a wonderful birthday!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Eats

  1. It’s great to read all of your observations, too see all the food pictures and those from the aquarium too (especially good). Your camera seems to do especially well with these moderately close up subjects (very vivid).

    After pestering your extended family for this link it finally dawned on me it might not be that hard to look up (knowing full well you’re not the Tara M who’s a Florida realtor).

    News of the Korea’s has tapered off abrupty here, what with Boston and all. None the less, I’m glad you’re about as far from the border as can be without being aquatic.

    Re friendly people: I met a grad student here a few weeks ago, a Dutch national. One of her main impressions of the U.S. was that we wer emuch friendlier that the Dutch. Northeasterers (present company exclude) are not generally known as the warmest or most outgoing of Americans, so, go figure.

    Looking forward to hearing more

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