Day One: Olle Trail 6

We have returned from our week-long trip to Jeju Island, and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. I’m going to recap day by day, so bear with me as a catch up/inundate you with one bazillion pictures in the next week or two.

Our first full day in Jeju was spent trekking Olle Trail 6. The Jeju Olle trail is basically one giant walking path that takes you around the entire island. There are currently 21 different routes you can take; one of the most highly recommended ones was #6.

The entire route was 14.4 km (8.95 mi), and according to the dubious wisdom of Wikipedia, this trail “can be completed comfortably.” While the trail wasn’t difficult, it was over 90 degrees on the day we did it. ‘Round about 10 km, we were ready to call it quits.

We started in Seogwipo, a city on the south of the island (we stayed in Jeju City, on the north side). It continues along the coast, through villages, over a small mountain, into wooded paths, and winds down with some pretty amazing waterfalls. I really liked this trail because of the variety (don’t ask me how much I enjoyed the “small” mountain portion, as I was huffing and puffing my way to the summit).

Without further ado, some pictures from our wanderings:

ImageImageImageImageImageThis is the view of Sup-seom (that little island) from the top of Jeijigi Oreum. Spelling doesn’t count here, right?ImageImageImageImageImageThis  is Sojeongbang Waterfall, which is a short walk from two of the really famous ones in Jeju. The cool thing about this one is that you can stand underneath and grab a quick shower (see Exhibit A). While the prospect of cooling down was definitely appealing, the thought of having to walk the rest of the trail with wet feet was not.


ImageThis is Jeonbang Waterfall, where I almost fell approximately one million times while hopping to that rock that I’m standing on. Korean girls in wedge sandals, however, had no problem navigating the slippery rocks. Power to ’em.


ImageImageThis is the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, which falls from 72 ft and has a width of 39 ft (they didn’t let you stand under this one). I had to crop a lot of Koreans out of this picture, because this was a very popular and very touristy place. After the tranquility of running into almost no one on the trail, it was a little disappointing but not unexpected. We were both pretty drained by this point, but I forced a smile out of Alex for the camera:


This was a really great way to kick off our trip. We covered a lot of ground and were able to explore some really different territories (and some of Jeju’s most famous sites). Stay tuned for more recaps in the days to come!


One thought on “Day One: Olle Trail 6

  1. so beautiful- i love your blog- its like i am there !
    glad you guys had a great time- loong forward to the next installment

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