Day 2: Loveland and Hyeopjae Beach

Day Two began as all vacation days should…at a leisurely pace, with a cup of coffee and a good book. Our plan was to hike/relax/hike/relax/hike (though you can see we didn’t exactly follow the itinerary), and today was for chillaxin’.

First, we headed to Loveland. Loveland is an adult-themed sculpture park that is quite infamous in Korea. I’ll post a couple of the more tame pictures here, but will mostly leave it up to your imagination. I’m all about free speech, but there are some things your grandfather should just never read on your blog.


ImageThere are a couple of interesting things to note about Loveland. I find it ironic for a country that has a national ban on pornography to have a sex-themed park as a major tourist attraction. It was filled with Koreans (as Jeju is a popular vacation spot for Koreans), so it’s not as if this is made for visiting foreigners. I was more than a little uncomfortable following the phallic arrows from sculpture to sculpture, while being trailed by a Korean family (and their 8-year-old son). Eek.

Second, as subversive as Loveland tries to be, all of the love and sex portrayed here is very heteronormative. That is, you will find no lady love or man-on-man here. It seems if they were really trying to push the envelope, they would include a more diverse selection. However, this is Korea, and same-sex sex is still very taboo.

After heading back to the hostel to get changed into our bathing suits, we went to Hyeopjae Beach. While it was a slightly-more-expensive-cab-ride-away than we thought, it was entirely worth it:


The pure-white sand, the crystal clear water and the beautiful view of Biyangdo Island all screamed “YOU’RE ON VACATION.” Now, some of you may not know this about me (hah, hah) but sometimes I have a hard time relaxing. Well, it was impossible not to here. We swam, read, wandered and had a lovely afternoon with absolutely no plans more complicated than “I think I’ll change the song on my iPod now.”




That was our day! Next up: The longest lava tubes in the word, my sprint in 105% humidity and how we became regulars in a Korean bar.






One thought on “Day 2: Loveland and Hyeopjae Beach

  1. Catching upon a few of your last posts:

    This island (Juju?) looks absolutely wonderful. quite a great beach. When you’ve posted pictures of the coastline, both here and on the mainland, it looks so much like Maine with the rocks coming down to the water. (hard to believe the temp is in the 90s!) I’m not a geology expert, but I’ve done a bit of reading over the last few years focused on New England geology. It would be interesting to compare and contrast Korean to New England. For example, what’s distinctive about New England geology was that in the closing of the precursor ocean that separated the America’s from Europe and Africa many island clusters like Japan and the Philippines were crusted into the area that is now the coast. That was from maybe 500,000,000 years ago to about 250,000,000. About 200,000,000 years ago the Atlantic started forming and the Pacific started closing. In tat intervening time, a lot of islands could have been smashed into Korea. It would be interesting to know if this is the case.

    Loveland – spectacularly Bad Taste! (Vegas with even more Vulgarity) Interesting that it doesn’t seem to bother the Koreans. Keep up your observations of the people and their culture; you seem to enjoy observing, speculating and analyzing and the reading from this end is enjoyable.

    Puppy Café – well, lets just say from the name and a certain reputation, I thought perhaps they were advertising the menu!

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