Day Three: Manjuggal Cave

Welcome back to my painfully slow recap of the vacation I took two weeks ago! We are now on Day Three, which is when we 1) visited the longest lava tubes in the world 2) almost lost my camera and 3) ate one of the best burgers of my life.

review of Manjuggal Cave on Trip Advisor described it as “quite dark” with ground that was “not level,” resulting in a two-star rating. I’m not exactly sure what that person was expecting while visiting a cave, but I found it to be quite a worthwhile trip.

The bus dropped us off a few kilometers from the cave, and the walk there was actually beautiful. I’m glad we didn’t taxi it, as many sites had recommended.

ImageImageImageOkay, so this is a little morbid, but beautiful at the same time. We saw so many pretty butterflies and dragonflies in Jeju, but they were all too quick for me to snap a picture!



Finally, we made it to the cave:

ImageUnfortunately, my pictures inside the cave were pretty dark (duh) so I don’t have much to show you. However, I can tell you that this lava tube was formed about 300,000 years ago when a flow of hot lava deep in the ground made its way to the surface. Although only one kilometer is open to the public, it stretches about 13.4 km and is the longest system of lava tubes in the world. It’s also one of the most well-preserved, considering how old it is. I don’t know what determines if a cave is well-preserved or not, but apparently this one is. Here are a couple terrible pictures of it:

ImageImageThere’s a really cool rock formation behind us, I swear.

It was an interesting site to visit, and if nothing else, a great reprieve from the sticky humidity of the outside world. Note the cardigan I’m wearing, which I practically ripped off my body as soon as we emerged from the cool depths of the cave.

After grabbing a bus back to Jeju City, we were just about gnawing our arms off in hunger. Enter: Burger Trip. I don’t know if it’s because we walked several miles and I was absolutely starving, or if it really was as good as I thought it was, but this place was ahhhmazing.

I got the Aussie Burger (not to be confused with the now-defunct restaurant in Busan, R.I.P.), which had bacon, cheese, a hash brown and an egg. Oh, yes I did:

ImageWith the mandatory side of kimchi, of course. Even when you don’t order Korean food, you get Korean food.

This was Alex’s chili burger (a quick snapshot, because I would have risked losing a limb if I didn’t let him eat right away):


Finally, a milkshake for two:ImageThis was a Belgian chocolate milkshake, which was absolutely delicious. I actually thought this place was legitimately good, not just I’m-in-Korea-and-this-will-suffice good.

ImageOm nom nom.

Anyway, that about did it for Day Three. The trek to the lava tube was pretty far, so it ate up most of our time. As fun as that was though, that burger might have been the highlight of my day!






One thought on “Day Three: Manjuggal Cave

  1. Thanks for the geology! There is a picture of a Manjuggal (if that is the same as Manjanggul?) lava pillar on Wikipedia under Lava tubes.

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