My News + Gamcheon Art Village

This post is coming a little late, but I was waiting until things were a bit more finalized before posting it for all the world to see. It’s officially official: I’m returning to NY on October 12th! If you know me in real life, you probably already know this. However, it seemed in poor blogging form to abandon the name “Tara in Korea” without explanation.

There are a few reasons for this decision. First and foremost, I could not bear the thought of missing my cousin’s wedding, in which I will most proudly serve as Maid-of-Honor. I’ll save the sap for my speech, but suffice to say that it is extremely important to me that I’m there. Second, I have some potential plans to jet off somewhere new with Alex come the beginning of next year. Nothing is set in stone yet, but suffice to say that I hope to provide you with another exciting travel blog to read. The plan for now is to spend some time at home with my family during the holidays while I get my act together.

So, Alex and I depart Korea on October 3rd (after a brief stay in Seoul), and head to San Francisco for a week. Why San Francisco? Well, flying into CA and booking a hotel for a week was almost cheaper than coming straight to NY. It was the fiscally responsible thing to do!

I have mixed feelings about leaving Korea- there are things that I love, and things that I loathe. Moreover, there are still so many things in Busan that I want to see and do before I leave. We knocked one of those things, the Gamcheon Art Village, off our list a couple weeks ago.

Located near Nampo-dong, Gamcheon Art Village looks like a collection of colorful houses that you might expect to find somewhere in South America. Indeed, it strongly resembles La Boca in Argentina. While people actually live in the homes on this picturesque hill, there are also several art galleries and plenty of street art within the village.

Upon entering, you go to the Visitor’s Center to pick up a map of Gamcheon. Inside the map are 8 spaces, meant to be stamped during your tour of the many art galleries. Once you collect all 8 stamps, you get some free postcards. Which is awesome, because finding postcards in Busan is freaking impossible, for whatever reason.Image

Personally, I found the galleries only mildly interesting. What I liked the most, aside from the spectacular views from the top of the hill…


…were the random street art and exhibitions. Here are a few of my favorites:


Even though there were quite a few people, there were so many alleyways that was easy to escape the crowd. It didn’t feel like everyone was flocking to the few, majorly popular sites (as you might see in some museums), but were rather finding their own favorites among the twists and bends of the village.

I’m glad we finally made it, and hope we get a chance to return before heading out. I could always use more postcards…


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