Today begins a three-day harvest festival in Korea known as Chuseok. Or, if you’re a foreigner, it means you have a five-day weekend(!!!) It’s essentially the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving- you go home to see your family and eat special food. Instead of going shopping on Black Friday, though, they visit the graves of family members to pay their respects. So, a little bit different. We had a Chuseok celebration with the kindergartners yesterday, and I wanted to share some of the photos with you.

Almost all of the kids came to school dressed in hanbok, or traditional Korean dress. This is worn for special occasions, such as Chuseok. Some of the kids’ hanbok were really ornate. Too bad they were so hyper and excited that it was hard to pin down a clear picture of any of them.


ImageDavid’s interpretation of “Please stand nicely so Tara Teacher can take a picture of you.”


I loved Jun’s vest!


It was Amy’s birthday, so she got to trade her hanbok for a princess dress. Still not thrilled to be photographed…Image

…though I did manage to get a smile out of Lucy, under duress.

One of the day’s activities was making seonpyeon, or rice cakes. When I think of a rice cake, I think of those cardboard-esque Quaker Oats rice cakes. These, however, were much different. Made with rice flour dough, and then stuffed with honey, chestnuts and sesame seeds, they look like little dumplings. We made them in the morning, and then enjoyed them at snack time.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageThe next Chuseok activity was learning all about Chuseok…in Korean. Unfortunately, there is not much to blog about there because I missed most of what was discussed (okay, all of it). However, I did get some pictures of the kids learning how to bow. It’s different for boys and girls, which is what I would have guessed.

ImageImageImageImageOverall, it was a really fun day. I loved seeing the kids dressed up…and having the next five days off from work isn’t too bad either. I asked one of my older kids what he was doing for Chuseok: “Making songpyeon.” “Anything else, Steven?” “I will also play computer games.”

Happy Chuseok, everyone!


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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m no longer in Korea but am moving to Malaysia in a couple weeks…I hope you’ll follow along on my new blog 🙂

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